mandag den 30. marts 2015

Like making love in a canoo

Name of the beers: Moosehead and Molcon Canadian
Where we drank them: At the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls
Date of drinking: 29.03.2015
Judgement: a solid whatever; 3

How awesome is that?! 
I went to NYC to do some work and then figured: why not take advantage of already having crossed the Atlantics, and go visit my good friend Aaron in Buffalo?! So of course I did and saw the great city of Buffalo and the famous Niagara Falls - from both the US and Canadian side - I have now been to Canada (500 m. into a country still counts! I got a stamp in my passport and everything). Besides the awesomeness of a reunion with Aaron, I learned so much during these couple of days incl. all sorts of things about Buffalo, community work, the US welfare system, ate Buffalo wings and drank Buffalo beer.  

So this is the face of expectation -
excitement. A before-tasting picture.
A truly memorable experience was seeing the Niagara Falls. I needed beer to digest that experience. And being in Canada, we had Canadian beer. I know quite a few Canadians who are into beers, and somehow that made my expectations go high. 

However, we had two Canadian beers and they tasted completely the same. Of nothing. The best way for me comprehensively describe the taste is by quoting Monty Python: "It tastes a little like making love in a canoo - it's fucking close to water". 
And the disappointment... Not pretty. 

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